Attendee Manager

Transferring sensitive information between systems can increase the risk of a data breach or loss. Now organizers can securely gather, store and edit attendee data all in one place with our attendee manager.

Simplify data collection and improve workflows with native registration forms. OneVenue automatically adds attendees to the event, assigns tracks, and creates profiles with self-reported information. Alternatively, organizers can quickly add or remove attendees to the event with bulk import or delete.

Create attendee lists with custom columns to display the information you need most. View attendee, speaker, and sponsor details at a glance or export data to create custom reports. Organizers can easily resolve duplicate or conflicting records with the quick edit tool to maintain accurate data.

Swag Bags

Collecting swag is one of the most exciting aspects of any conference. Introduce your event theme with a modern twist on the classic event bag. Our platform facilitates the distribution of virtual swag to attendees across the conference. Event organizers can create, track and manage virtual swag bags in one place!

Give attendees virtual gift bags filled with personalized gift cards, food vouchers, and more! The simple redemption process enables attendees to redeem swag bags in seconds from the conference lobby.

Control when attendees can access swag to drive engagement beyond the life of the event. Send attendees pre-event swag to build anticipation for the event or post-event swag to keep the conversation going on social media long after the event ends.



Event Reporting

How do you determine whether your event strategy is successful? OneVenue provides enterprise-level reporting that tracks key metrics before, during, and after your events.

Uncover how attendees interact with your event with consolidated data from event registration, audience engagement, and attendee polls. Event organizers can utilize live reports to make data-driven decisions in real-time.

Make informed decisions about your next event with high-level and attendee-level analytics. Discover which sessions, content, and activities drive audience engagement and action during your event.

Speakers Page

High-profile speakers can make a significant impact on your next event. The right speaker can attract attendees and persuade them to register. Highlight event leaders and pique attendee interest with a dedicated speakers page.

Set the tone for your session and create an environment conducive to learning with a well-crafted speaker introduction. Establish your speaker’s credibility on the topic and give attendees a glimpse of the message to come.

Welcome your presenters to the event by acknowledging their accomplishments, qualifications, and expertise before stepping on stage. Speakers can share bios, publications, and contact information with attendees via a dedicated speakers page.




Gamification has been shown to improve attendee focus and knowledge absorption. Improve attendee satisfaction and drive audience engagement by adding incentive-based game mechanics to your event!

Motivate audience participation with real-world prizes! Attendees can earn points by participating in trivia, visiting sponsor booths, or joining sessions. Points can be exchanged for conference rewards like gift cards, certifications, and sponsored gifts.

Spark friendly competition and display attendee achievements with a conference-wide leaderboard. Incentivize attendees to reach the top of the leaderboard with exclusive prizes.



Integrated Communication

Engaging attendee communication is at the core of any successful event. Enhance your communication strategy with automated email and integrated announcements.

Maintain audience communication before, during and after the event with email automation. Send thousands of beautifully crafted emails in a clear, personalized manner to drive event registration and attendee engagement. Use audience segments to send relevant information, files, and videos to custom audience personas.

Quickly share conference-wide updates with integrated announcements. Inform audiences of agenda changes, featured sessions or top-tier sponsors with event notifications. Each notification is displayed across the conference and in the dedicated announcement section of the lobby.

Sponsor Booths

The right sponsorship can increase the credibility of your event while adding value to attendees. Leverage the buying power of your niche audience to attract high-profile event sponsors.

Tailor multi-tiered packages to align with your event goals and the marketing efforts of your sponsors. Integrate sponsors into your event themes and content with custom lobby designs, transition slides, and sponsor-led sessions.

Sponsors can showcase products, scan attendee badges, and meet with qualified leads via a branded booth. Virtual booths can be customized with high-impact visuals, videos, social links, and collateral to interact with warm prospects.

Highlight event sponsors and partners in a branded expo hall. Each hall supports up to 30 booths with multiple tiers. Sponsors can drive traffic to their booth by sharing special announcements and upcoming events directly from the expo hall.

Schedule Engine

Design and run thousands of customizable tracks that cater to the interests of each attendee. Segment audiences into unique personas by job role, location, or language to design targeted tracks specific to each persona.

Control the attendee experience from start to finish with fixed agendas. Organizers can guide attendees through keynotes, mixers, and breakout sessions to ensure they experience the full range of event activities. Alternatively, empower attendees to explore your event with open registration. The integrated session browser allows attendees to mix and match their favorite sessions to build an agenda tailored to their interests in real-time.

Event Customization

Create an immersive, story-driven experience with a custom conference lobby. We make it easy to brand your event with company logos, colors, and media.

The lobby serves as the central hub for attendees to explore your event. Users can join sessions, view announcements, and collect virtual swag directly from the lobby.

Rotate lobby designs in real-time to display featured videos, showcase event sponsors, and highlight event speakers

Need inspiration? Our User Experience team can help you dazzle attendees with unique, accessible conference designs.

Conference Registration

Streamline the registration process with a branded landing page!

Make a great first impression and drive attendee registration with a custom landing page. Motivate attendees to RSVP with exclusive content. Highlight keynote speakers, share agenda details, and video previews of your event! Generate social buzz with event #hashtags and go viral before the event begins!

User-friendly forms allow attendees to register in seconds. Event organizers can automate the registration process with auto-approved registration, waitlists, and integrated email confirmation.

Fully Managed Events

Need help running your event? Our Production Team can help bring your vision to life! We are here to assist across the complete event cycle. An experienced team of producers manages event design, speaker rehearsal, and custom stream configuration to ensure a seamless delivery.

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