Introducing Virtual Swag Bags

Introducing Virtual Swag Bags

What is Virtual Swag

Virtual Swag is a digital gift bag that organizations offer to event attendees. This unique conference touchpoint helps to strengthen the customer-brand relationship. A few of our favorite examples are:

  • Gift cards
  • Training codes
  • Badges
  • Collectible items
  • Discount codes
  • ebooks
  • Online course
  • Certifications
  • Subscriptions
  • Charitable donations

Collecting Swag is one of the most exciting and fun aspects of any conference. With the recent growth of onscreen events, Virtual Swag has become one of the latest advancements in experimental marketing.

Our Recommendations

Virtual Swag is an integral part of the digital event experience because it allows organizers to drive engagement beyond the life of the event. For example, pre-event Swag can build anticipation for the event among attendees, while post-event swag can keep the conversation going on social media long after the event ends.

Attendees look forward to receiving Swag, so be thoughtful when choosing a gift. Be sure to fill attendees’ digital gift bags with items related to the event. If hosting a training event, consider gifting free online courses or certification vouchers. Leveraging event sponsor products or services are a great way to create goodwill with potential customers.

Why Digital Swag?

Most organizers find digital gift bags less expensive, easier to manage, and more accessible than physical Swag. Organizers save time and money via electronic distribution, bypassing international shipping. Our platform automates the distribution process, facilitating gift-giving among large groups within the conference. Best of all, the simple redemption process makes gifts easily accessible and enables attendees to claim Virtual Swag in seconds! When paired with gamification, virtual swag bags can incentivize attendees to engage with content throughout the conference.

How Does It Work?

Event organizers can create custom gifts bags in the Swag bag section of VCM’s admin portal.

Introducing Virtual Swag Bags

Once attendees enter the conference, they can quickly redeem swag bags from the conference lobby.

Introducing Virtual Swag Bags

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