Introducing Multi-Time Zone Support!

Introducing Multi-Time Zone Support!

Event organizers love virtual and hybrid events because they add an element of accessibility unmatched by physical events. Organizers can connect global communities without the financial burden of international travel or reserving venues.

However, a new challenge arises once organizers expand their reach across geographic regions, time zones. Organizers must accommodate attendees across time zones or risk alienating audiences abroad. Luckily, OneVenue is here to help!

The first step to delivering a successful virtual event is building the perfect agenda. Reaching audiences across a range of time zones adds a layer of complexity to any event. How can organizers optimize the session schedule to accommodate the maximum number of attendees, regardless of location?

Consider the following tips to minimize attendee drop off due to an inconvenient schedule:

  • Segment events longer than four hours into multiple days
  • Stagger start times and sessions to accommodate multiple regions
  • Collect attendee time zones via surveys during the registration process

Our platform allows organizers to create multi-track events tailored to meet the needs of each audience type. Organizers can segment audiences by unique characteristics such as time zone, native language, or department.

Introducing Multi-Time Zone Support! Introducing Multi-Time Zone Support!

Once organizers create a track, they can schedule various sessions, trivia, and speed networking by region. Keep in mind that it may be difficult for a single keynote speaker to deliver multiple live presentations across time zones. Reduce the speaker's stress and maintain a consistent attendee experience by blending live, simulated live, and on-demand content. Increase audience engagement by adding q/a, polls, and other interactive activities to each session.

Introducing Multi-Time Zone Support!

The Attendee Experience is Critical

We know how complex and inconvenient time zone conversions can be for international attendees. A minor miscalculation by an attendee could result in a missed session. Our platform simplifies the registration process by allowing attendees to select their preferred time zone. In addition, attendees can browse available sessions automatically converted to their preferred time zone within their track.

Introducing Multi-Time Zone Support!

Once an attendee registers for a session, it is added to the attendee calendar. Attendees can view their schedule, learn more about each session, and join sessions from the lobby. The dynamic time zone agenda is automatically converted to the attendee's time zone and can be easily adjusted as needed.

Introducing Multi-Time Zone Support!

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