OneVenue Adds Gamification!

OneVenue Adds Gamification!

Keeping your attendees engaged is a challenging but critical part of a successful virtual event. Our team will work with you to develop an engagement strategy that will ensure your event is interactive, regardless of the number of attendees. One of our newest features for your team to consider when planning your next virtual event is gamification. The OneVenue currently offers two types of gamification – Attendance and Trivia.

How it works

  1. Attendance

-Awards points for attending a session
-Earn points for attending a conference
-Earn points for visiting a sponsor
-Earn points for taking a survey



  1. Trivia
  • Customize trivia questions for your attendees to answer
  • Earn points for correct answers

OneVenue Adds Gamification!


A leaderboard is displayed on the OneVenue site by attendee and country to view points accumulated.




  • Interaction and authentication: Gamification can be the most authentic way to lead audiences towards interacting in sessions and with exhibitors. Provide rewards or incentives to enhance the competitive spirit. Prizes can be sponsorship-based, conference swag bags, gift cards, etc!
  • Sponsorship opportunities:  Aside from exhibit halls, virtual event gamification gives sponsors a great chance to sponsor prizes and gifts to maximize their branding opportunities.
  • Data collection:  Understanding how the attendees move through a virtual event space.



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