7 Essential Tools for Event Professionals

Organizing and managing every aspect of a large-scale event can be a daunting task.  Event Professionals must juggle attendee registrations, event schedules, speaker rehearsals, post-event reports, venues, and much more. Luckily, the right set of tools can reduce stress and streamline event production!

Join our Event Management Team, as we cover 7 tools you can easily implement in your next event!

What you will learn:

  • Event customization tools used to create a story-driven attendee experience
  • Event management tools designed to streamline event design, registration, and scheduling
  • Real-time reporting tools to gather audience feedback and analyze attendee interactions to make data-driven decisions

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Jessie Starborne

Jessie Starborne

Meet Jessie Starborne

Jessie is a Customer Success Manager with Opsgility, based in Denver, Colorado. She has a diverse background with experience in both events as well as high-end audio/video and automation. She brings a unique set of skills to her work with Opsgility and is thrilled to represent the night shift during this presentation.

Opsgility’s night shift is comprised of four exceptional individuals who bring more than 38 years of combined experience to the team and help to facilitate and run dozens of sessions every week, ensuring every event is a success!

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