For more than twenty years, the HypoPARAthyroidism Association has worked to improve the lives of those who have Hypoparathyroidism, a rare disease that causes lower than normal levels of calcium in the blood due to insufficient levels of parathyroid hormone.

Those living with the disorder and their caregivers often feel ill-equipped to cope with the challenges the disease brings to their everyday lives. The HypoPARAthyroidism Association serves as a resource to empower families facing these daily challenges.

In October 2020, the association held its annual conference which brought medical and patient communities, from around the world, together for a mutual exchange of knowledge and experience. Due to the nature of the disease and restrictions on international travel, the association chose OneVenue to host the live event.

Collaboration between physician and patient was imperative to the event’s success. The association required a platform that not only allowed the presenters to share their knowledge of HypoPARAthyroidism treatment but also enabled attendees to provide feedback about their experience living with the disorder, from anywhere in the world.

The association utilized OneVenue’s one-to-many and many-to-many broadcast functions, to live stream a series of presentations, with topics ranging from treatments available to exercise challenges. Meanwhile, attendees remained fully engaged throughout the conference by completing polls and surveys, as well as networking with each other in breakout meetings.

As a non-profit, the association relies heavily on generous financial support to reach those affected by hypoparathyroidism. Donations from supporters were vital to a successful event

The association leveraged OneVenue’s Expo Hall to feature four event sponsors. Each sponsor was assigned a customizable virtual booth from which they shared announcements, links, and videos with attendees. Attendees were also given the chance to contribute to the cause, via a silent auction. Attendees used OneVenue’s live chat feature to bid on two dozen items.



Thank you for everything you and yourOpsgility Team did for our annual hypoparathyroidism conference. You made it possible for people from 6 Continents to attend!! You were a pleasure to work with. A bright light during a dark time. You made it so easy. You really thought of everything!! When a presenter didn’t do training, you made sure she did and you saved the day. You made slides last minute and really left no stone unturned. I can’t wait to do it again with you next year!! Thank you for being part of our growth. We couldn’t have don’t it with out you!! You’re simply amazing!!

- Bari Vapneck - Treasurer